Making and baking an Apple Pie.

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So a few nights ago, my friend Melanie and I decided to make a traditional apple pie! Hunger was already hitting our stomachs and we knew the pie would take up to 2 hours to make, so we quickly whipped up a creamy- tomato tuna pasta bake.

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Anyway, on to the real thing!

RECIPE: Traditional Apple Pie

Based on Chrissy Freer's taste.com.au recipe

Sweet Pie Pastry
  • 1 3/4 cups plain flour
  • 1/2 cup self-raising flour
  • 185g unsalted butter, chilled, cut into small pieces
  • 1/3 cup caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbs milk
  • Caster sugar, to sprinkle

Apple Filling

  • 8 large Granny Smith apples
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 45g unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup 7caster sugar
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon 

1.) Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl. Add the butter and rub it lightly into the flour with your fingertips.Lift mixture high above the bowl as you rub, to incorporate air into the pastry and make it lighter. Continue until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs, then stir the sugar in.

Rubbing the butter into the flour

The butter/ flour combination should be crumbly

2.) Beat 1 egg with 1 tablespoon chilled water, then drizzle the it over the flour mixture. Start to bring the dough together by cutting the liquid into the dough with a blunt knife (literally SLICE the knife through the dough, this will fold the ingredients). Form into a smooth ball with your hands, adding a little more water if necessary. Divide dough into two pieces, one slightly larger than the other. Wrap in plastic wrap, and chill for 30 minutes.

 The mixture after slicing egg and water into the flour. Still a crumbly appearance.

Forming the mixture into a ball= the pie dough!

3.) Time to make the filling while we wait for the dough! Peel and core the apples, and cut each into 8 pieces. Toss immediately with lemon juice in a large bowl, to prevent apples from discolouring. Place the butter and sugar in a large frypan over medium-low heat. When butter has melted, add apples and the cinnamon, then stir to coat. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes or until apples have softened. Set aside to cool.

Apples being cut up into 8 pieces each.

Stirring the cut apples and cinnamon in the saucepan for 10 minutes.

4.) This part gets a little bit tricky. Roll out the larger pastry ball on a FLOURED workbench to a 30cm circle (about 2mm thick). Roll pastry around the rolling pin (make sure the rolling pin is FLOURED also, or the dough will stick to the pin), then unroll over a 22cm metal pie dish. Gently press into corners and allow excess to overhang. Place the APPLE PIE FILLING in the base with a spoon. This time, roll the small pastry piece to a 25cm circle. Beat remaining egg with milk, brushing some on rim of the base. Now, place the small pastry circle onto the pie base with filling.

The base and filling of the traditional apple pie.

5.) Crimp edges of pastry together with your fingers. Chill the prepared pie for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 180°C, place pie dish on a baking tray. Brush top of the pie with more beaten egg and sprinkle with caster sugar. Cut four small air vents in the centre of the pie and bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown.

The apple pie, when taken out of the oven.

Slice of the pie for myself!


The crust of the pie: Just how I wanted it to be. A crispy, buttery cookie that enclosed the filling.
The apple filling: Although a bit hot right out of the oven, it tasted of caramelised apples with a slight creamy texture to it, most likely because of the butter. Mouth- watering smell and delicious!


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