Moo Gourmet Burgers, Bondi Beach.

Moo Gourmet Burgers- Bondi Beach

       It was perfect today for my planned trip to Bondi Beach with some friends. We were hoping to catch some waves with our body-boards after a couple of sleep- inducing rainy days. However, as we got there, we soon realised that it was a day with high winds, which meant extremely dangerous swimming and surfing conditions for us and fellow beach- goers. So instead we decided to grab a bite to fill up our grumbling bellies.

        After walking past a couple of places, mostly pizza, ice- cream and fish & chips joints, my eye was caught by the word MOO. I could see that the tables outside the restaurant were packed, with many lining up to order so I was drawn in by the evident popularity of the location.

Patrons lining up to order their favourite burgers

        We sat down quickly and glanced at the wide selection of burgers, salads, milkshakes and desserts that they had on the menu.

A sneak- peek of the menu: a semi- transparent, hard plastic sheet

$7.50: The MOOteaser
A milkshake with  Maltesers, chocolate & malt.

        First up was the milkshake that we ordered, the MOOteaser. The only reason why I got this drink was that Maltesers are awesome and I am certain that I had never tried a Malteser milkshake before, so it was exciting. The black and white cow patterned straw was pretty cool and gave the restaurant a unique feel.

        As I sipped the MOOteaser, I could instantly feel the creaminess of the shake in my mouth with the bits and pieces of Malteser. The blended Maltesers in the creamy mixture of god- knows- what made it probably one of the best milk- shakes that I've had in a while. The shake was absolutely delicious.

$16.50: Chorizo "specialty" burger
100% Australian Angus Pure Natural Beef & 
Chorizo patty, thick cut mozzarella, rocket, 
tomato, home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish

        Next up was the Chorizo burger, my friend's order. It was presented very nicely on the plate and all the ingredients looked tastily fresh, with the sauce not overflowing to the sides of the burger or sogging it up. With knife & fork, I took a generous slice of my friend's burger. The first bite revealed the warm, soft texture of the sourdough bun, followed by the juicy and mildly spicy chorizo patty that was encased in the cheesy mozzarella. The patty was delicious, thick and mixed well with the rockets, relish and mayo. It was my first time trying a chorizo burger and it was amazing.

$16.50: The BIG MOO Burger
100% Australian Angus Pure Natural Beef, cheddar cheese, free range bacon,free range egg, 
pineapple, beetroot, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce,
home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish

        I can't express in words how tasty this burger was. Although it was very difficult to eat as a normal burger (using two hands) because of it's extremely large size, the BIG MOO Burger greatly captured the characteristics of what a mouth- watering burger should be like. The beef was 100% Angus, juicy & tender from all angles and was well accompanied by the creamy egg yolk, crispy bacon, sweet & juicy pineapple slice, tangy beetroot, crispy lettuce and smooth sauce.

        Lets not forget the thick- cut chips. They were the perfect, crispy fries that should accompany any burger, not too hot that it burns your tongue but not too cold either. Tasted even better when dipped into the Heinz tomato sauce that was dispensed by their classic diner- style Heinz ketchup bottles.

Polaroid takes (1st wedding proposal/ 16th birthday parties etc.) + Children's drawings of MOO

A TYPEWRITER! How often do you see those available to be USED at restaurants?!

        We were finished eating, but decided to sit around for awhile to let our stomach digest the enormous meal that we had. Looking around the inside of the restaurant, it can be seen that the interior design was brilliant. Decorated all around the walls, were polaroid captures of people and events that occurred at MOO Bondi no matter how significant or insignificant they were. The takes ranged from 1st wedding proposals to even just a casual visit to the bathroom by a passer- by. Also, there was a multitude of children's drawings glued to the walls of the restaurant, depicting their enjoyment eating at MOO and other cow- related things. These decorations really created a warm and welcoming atmosphere within the restaurant.

      Also, what amazed me was that, right before I left I saw a TYPEWRITER that they had on the counter! (You can see it in the 2nd photo in the post, lying on the counter next to the bottle of BBQ sauce) There is no single restaurant that I have visited ever that would take your name and email down in the form of a typewriter.

        Overall, I had a great experience eating at MOO Gourmet Burgers and would definitely swing- by again the next time I head over to Bondi Beach. This is a MUST- GO- TO burger/ milkshake joint.

Verdict (considering atmosphere, price, service and taste): 8.5/10

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