Green Peppercorn, Fairfield Hotel.

Hey guys!

        It has been a hectic week, with uni work and all, but nonetheless, it did not stop me from dropping by and experiencing authentic and awesome Lao & Thai cuisine at a well- known establishment in Sydney's West- Green Peppercorn!

Tona Inthavong, restaurateur & general manager of Green Peppercorn/ Sugacane 

        I could say I'm an avid eater of Thai foods, because I enjoy the rich & sweet coconut flavours embedded in a lot of their dishes (especially coconut rice!), the chilli/ peppery- ness of their dishes, love the basil as an essential ingredient and their Thai milk teas! Of course there's countless other things one could add to that list but I'd rather show than tell :)

Goodfood awards- 3 star / Best restaurant under $30 award

        Green Peppercorn's location is described as part of the Fairfield hotel, which initially gave me the expectations of an RSL eatery. However, as soon as I stepped into the dim- lighted, attractively decorated atmosphere of the restaurant, I was amazed at how well the place was designed which got me more excited about the food that I was going to eat.

A daytime snapshot of Green Peppercorn !
Couldn't take a night- time photo, the inside was too dark for my camera.

        Since I booked the restaurant, we skipped through the groups sitting patiently on the round, comfy- looking couches waiting for their turn at a table. As I sat down, my eyes were caught by the mini clipboards that were neatly assembled on the table- the drinks menu !

The Green Peppercorn drinks menu- Fruit Shakes section.

        Other than the dishes that they offer, Green Peppercorn is well- known for the WICKED/ delicious cocktails that their bartenders whip up, on top of their extensive range of beers, wines and spirits. Sadly though, I didn't order any because as a money- deprived uni student, I could not afford to drink a few cocktails on top of the variety of dishes that I would be ordering!

My customised fruit shake (3 flavours)! Passionfruit / Pineapple / Jackfruit

        No awesome cocktails? That's okay, zero regrets, because my first item of the night was my own customised fruit shake! Since I could mix- up 3 flavours, I chose to have Passionfruit + Pineapple (tropical fruits, why not?) + Jackfruit (I am obsessed with jackfruit) in my shake. This is by far the best fruit shake that I have had of all Asian restaurants. I can safely say that, because I have been to countless Vietnamese/ Thai restaurants that offer similar shakes with the same type of fruits but are NOT as smooth, consistent and creamy as these Green Peppercorn fruit- shakes!

        Think of drinking a typical 7/11 slurpee. Except this time, the ice granules are so small that it's as easy as drinking ice cold water, but you can feel the miniature grains of frost slide and melt in your mouth and you slurp the mixture in. And instead of the coke/ lemon lime bitter flavours, you can savour the natural taste of passionfruit, pineapples and jackfruit which are freshly blended into the shake for your health and enjoyment. This shake itself is already reason enough for me to come back to Green Peppercorn.

A friend's customised fruit- shake- Durian / Jackfruit / Avacado.

        For those avocado- shake lovers/ regulars at Vietnamese restaurant, this durian, jackfruit & avocado shake is easily everything I have mentioned already about my shake. It is a MUST- TRY for you. 

$14.90: Lao Charcoal BBQ Chicken (1/2 Chicken)
Green Peppercorn’s special marinated chicken, grilled over a charcoal bbq with a smokey flavour.

        "BBQ Chicken... what?" some of you may ask. Before I had more experience at Thai restaurants, I used to dismiss the BBQ/ Grills section of the menu as I was used to think the only worthy BBQ chickens were ones that you have with Lebanese bread, pickles and garlic sauce (You inner- west kids would know what I'm talking about!). Since discovering these on Thai menus, I have ordered them every single time now because they're so damn good.

        Now, Green Peppercorn was also known for it's Lao BBQ Chicken, so of course I had to order this! As I pulled the chicken apart, I could already tell that the chicken was extremely tender and juicy, because it came right off the bone with barely any force. The skin was glazed with some sort of special marinade and as I bit into the soft meat of the wing- piece, I could taste the delicious smokey, sweet & slightly spicy flavour of the chicken. It tasted even more AMAZING with the sweet- chilli sauce that was provided with the dish.

$16.90: Red Curry Roast Duck (GANG PED YANG)
A rich red curry of roasted duck with cherry tomatoes, pineapple, lychee, chilli and Thai basil.

        Next up, was the red duck curry. To be honest, I have only ever tried red duck curry at one other Thai restaurant- Holy Basil, so I wanted to try the dish again for a different perspective on its taste. We ordered a serving of plain rice for this dish, because how do you eat curry without the rice?! Before I even poured the red curry sauce onto my rice, I could smell the chilli- aroma rising from this dish. Most of us cringed because of that, while my appetite and smile just grew from smelling the chilli. "Finally, a challenge!" I thought.

        Although the duck was soaked in the red curry, the crispiness of the skin remained. I bit into the piece of duck and it was extremely soft and succulent as I had expected. The red curry was embedded all the way through, giving the meat a strong chilli, coconut milk and slightly sweet taste (like the Panang curry, except less sweet!) and was absolutely delicious. Even though most of us thought it was too chilli, this dish for me was the winner of the night.

$12.90: Stir- Fry with Cashew Nuts + Beef (PAD CASHEW NUT)
Oriental vegetables stir-fried in chilli jam cashew nut sauce w/ your choice of meat

        For those who love a good stir- fry, chilli- jam & cash nuts is an epic combo to have. The sauce was great with the perfect amount of sweet & chilli flavour, tossed with crunchy cashews, tender beef and soft, well- cooked veggies (which I find rare, because a lot of restaurants have raw, undercooked and flavourless veggies in their dishes!). The only downside of this dish was that there weren't enough vegetables in it! Sadly, there were only very few pieces of broccoli which happens to be one of my favourite vegetables, ESPECIALLY in Asian stir- fries! Other than that, it was still a great dish and I guess the broccoli was compensated by the heap of cashews and beef in the mixture.

$12.90: Fried Rice with Chilli & Basil (KHAO PAD KAPHAO)
Thai fried rice with basil, chilli, egg and oriental vegetables.

        As I mentioned earlier, Basil, being one of the main ingredients used it Thai foods, is a favourite of mine. Chilli basil fried rice is a dish that I ALWAYS get at Thai restaurants and use that as one of the main indicators in rating them.

        The fried rice smelt great with the Thai sweet Basil and chilli aroma drifting under our noses. Before tasting, I squeezed a bit of lemon juice on top of the rice to give it the tangy taste that the dish needs to balance out the savoury side. The rice was cooked just the way I like, not too soft but not too hard and very grainy. The sweetish, chilli & tangy flavours covered every little bit of rice and accompanied the veggies & chicken breast very well. The only downside was that the chicken breast was a bit too dry and chunky. However, this is usually the case in Thai restaurants that I have been to, with the chicken breast strips not tender enough in rice/ stir fry dishes. Other than that, the Chilli & Basil Fried Rice was a great eat and was actually finished off the fastest of all the dishes!

$12.90: Banana Butterscotch crepe
Caramalised banana, nuts, butterscotch sauce with a scoop of ice-cream.

        By the time we finished the main dishes, we were awfully full but from hearing that Green Peppercorn's desserts are fantastic, I had to at least order one. At first, I wanted to order the authentic Thai desserts but decided on a delicious, sounding Banana Butterscotch Crepe and I did not regret choosing that.

       For $12.90, I received two MASSIVE crepes dusted with icing sugar and filled generously with sliced, caramelised bananas (probably used at least two to three whole bananas for this dish), had a more- than- enough cup of butterscotch sauce that accompanied the crepe, a scoop of vanilla ice- cream and crushed peanuts (Peanuts + desserts = awesome). Although I prefer the extremely thin & crispy- type crepe, the softness of this crepe was amazing and it was like eating pancakes! The best part about this dessert was the butterscotch sauce, which was extremely buttery, creamy and had a slight salted caramel- like taste and complemented well with the soft crepe wrapped in the bananas. The vanilla ice- cream was normal, but tasted great with the bundle anyway and especially with the crushed peanuts.

        Overall, Green peppercorn is well- serviced by customer- focused waiters that respond rapidly to your orders and calls. The atmosphere is impressive, with golden Thai statues, hanging bird cage lights, even a real size tuk-tuk (Thai Taxi) and other ornaments. The food is exceptional, drinks stand- out among the crowd and the desserts are mouth- watering. It is just very rare that a restaurant can provide such good quality at all three levels of a proper meal (food/drinks/dessert) because usually, at least one of the three categories disappoint.

        Green Peppercorn is definitely one of the best Thai restaurants that I have been to (especially within Western Sydney). It is a MUST- GO- TO eatery, even if you live on the opposite end of Sydney as it is a strong competitor of those in Sydney's CBD.

Verdict (considering atmosphere, price, service and taste): 8.7/10



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