Circa, Wentworth Street Parramatta

        Circa has a high reputation as an excellent brunch spot, competing well against its rival cafe's in Surry Hills. Compared to Sydney's CBD, I rarely go to Parramatta so I had to see for myself if the food really matched its reputation.

        The entrance to the cafe didn't surprise me. Like most brunch spots around Sydney, they are situated in old garages or spaces that were once abandoned and now brought back to life. The artwork around the cafe brought out Sydney's cultural side which is good as we rarely get to see that in this city, compared to Melbourne.

        The inside was bustling with customers, waiters and baristas. As you can see above, the place was quite cramped but had amazing interior design all along the walls and ceiling of the cafe. Sets in a good mood and great for photography.

$4.50Iced Coffee: Pure, simple & delicious

        It was a cold day, but nothing will stop me from getting my favourite beverage from cafe's: A traditional iced coffee. When I got the coffee, I got the reaction that you guys are probably getting right now looking at the photo above: WHY IS IT SO DAMN SMALL? Iced coffees that I usually have come in a tall glass with a lot of content inside, but in Circa's case, it is all about quality, NOT quantity.

        The iced coffee was certainly delicious, as it is double ristretto based (hand pressed method of extracting the coffee, a very SHORT shot of espresso. Apparently that makes a more bold, flavoursome and less bitter taste and in this case was pressed twice). Creamy, syrupy, full bodied coffee without bitterness. Would definitely order it again!

$10: Barrosa Valley cured shultz bacon, free range egg, house made tomato & capsicum relish and aioli on shiacciata bread 

        An amazing "bacon & egg"- like sandwich, with a perfect tomato & capsicum relish spread topped by delicious Shultz Bacon (cured, smoked for 2 days SO GOOD) and free range egg.

        Probably the best bacon & egg breakfast I've ever had.

$16: Seared Atlantic salmon on butternut pumpkin & ricotta artisanal mash with a winter salad.

        The salmon was seared to perfection, light crispiness on the outside, slightly pink on the inside just the way I like it. Juicy and tender flakes of salmon.

        Butternut pumpkin & ricotta mash was incredible, an ingenious idea mixing two creamy goods together to have the perfect mash texture. I will DEFINITELY try making this dish at home!

        Salad was disappointing, too sour, not enough leafy veggies which I like in a salad.


        We finished off our brunch meal with a brownie which was so chewy and yummy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. Haven't had a good brownie in a long time as I've been using too many instant- mix brownies from Woolworths which aren't that great.

        Circa certainly matches its reputation as a good brunch spot, especially with its finely made coffee & a large variety of quality dishes. Next time I come, I will order their Baked Eggs- with sujuk, Danish fetta, tomato & hint of chilli w/ toast served in the pan as its one of their most popular dishes. Also, their tea is rumoured to be a speciality.

Check out their cafe & menu guys! They are serious about their coffee and food! Circa's Menu

Verdict (considering atmosphere, price, service and taste): 8.5/10

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